Why Your Outspoken and Blunt Friends Are Your Truest and Most Real Friends

Friendship is very important in life, especially if it is true and meaningful. But, probably the most important is to have that one that is blunt and outspoken. In this modern world those people seem to be less and less as many people have become selfish, self-centered and narcissistic.

Nowadays, most people are either living to please themselves or to please others, and it is very difficult to find someone in the middle. The basic truth is that blunt and outspoken people are the most real people in the world.

These people we all need in our lives as once and awhile we all need someone to tell us what we are doing wrong. They are not pretending in order to please us, but they are brave enough to express their thoughts and reprimand us about our ongoing bullsh*t. What we would be if we do not have such friend and live in our world losing the touch with the reality?

Yes, once you hear the truth you may found yourself offended and even question your friendship with this particular person. This is a normal first reaction, but once you have reconsidered what you are being told at, you will know that this is the truth and that you need to accept it. You will appreciate it as true friends are not afraid to speak up, especially when you are making a mistake.

Believe us, this bluntness, if it is justified is much better than having a friend who feels the same, but instead of telling you into your face goes behind your back and gossips about it.

If you have a brutally honest friend into your life, consider yourself blessed as there will be always someone who will warn you about the things you are doing. These friends are the most loyal and trustworthy and having them around you will make your life meaningful.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Blunt Friend in Your Life

1. They will never work behind your back

This friend is real and trustworthy and always blunt about your wrongdoings, but the best part about this friendship is that there is no stabbing behind your back. Plus, they are type of people who do not waste time bullsh*ting, in any form, and that makes them true friends. If they are not interested in being your friend they will simply tell you in your face without any rounding the bush. Things like gossip, manipulation and backstabbing are not in their nature, so if you have such friend in your life, try to keep it.

2. They are true friends

Being a friend with a blunt person is creating a friendship in its purest form. This friend will show you the true meaning of friendship and how to keep to promises and respect the other person boundaries. He or she will immediately tell you when you have violated the established boundaries and when you have disrespected them. But, he will be there to tell you when you are being disrespected and listen to your problems, and unconditionally offer the shoulder to cry on. This friend will take you out from your comfort zone, which for sure will contribute to becoming a better person, and make you grow in a positive way.

3. They will always tell you the truth

If you want a true opinion about things in life, then this friend will be the one that will offer that. There is no lying just in order to please you and tell you what you need to hear as a friend. They are also there for simple things like telling you about your current apparel saying: “Yes. You look fat in that skirt” or “No, he’s not the one for you.” This is not a mean thing as a simple reflection of the obvious things in your life and it is better for someone to point that to you than someone else to make fun about you behind your back.

4. They always say their opinion about things in life

They are not afraid to speak up and express their feelings and thoughts no matter of the consequences. There is no sugar coating on things, but the simple and real truth. They do this not for the fun of it, but simply because that is the way how they are build. They do this because they have nothing to hide and because they are not lying to themselves. They accept the way how things are and believe that calling people out on things or speaking and voicing emotions are important.

5. It is always interesting around them

They offer an interesting and fun time just by being with them and they will always lighten up the atmosphere with a witty but truthful comment. Being in a bar with them is always eventful and interesting. Creeps do not come to your seat when you are with your honest friend and all the obnoxious and cocky people will be gone soon.

We are living in a society when being true to yourself and be verbal about it, is something to be frowned upon. People hate hearing the truth, particularly when it concerns them. But, what kind of people we would be if we are not honest about the things in life. Hence, we need people that are true to themselves, honest, loyal and pure-hearted thus making us better persons. These people bring the fun in our lives and in most cases are there when we really need them.