Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly

Having Wi-Fi in the home has become a necessity, and almost every person has it. But, there are many safety issues regarding its presence in the home when health is concerned. It was concluded that Wi-Fi can have detrimental effects for the overall health, particularly in children. Namely, the Wi-Fi negatively impacts many things like brain health, fertility, cardiac stress, sleep quality, and so on.

Potential Dangers of the Use of Wi-Fi

Reduced Brain Function

The presence of Wi-Fi influences the concentration and the brain functions, meaning that the brain activity is lowered due to which you may have difficulties in concentration or even experience memory loss.

Damages Childhood Development

The Wi-Fi emits non-thermal radio frequency radiation which can hamper the normal cellular development like the fetal development. The radiation impacts the growing tissues like in children and youth as a result of which these children will be more prone than average ones to the presented effects and be at higher risk of developmental issues.

Causes Cardiac Stress

Lot of people have a physical response to the electromagnetic frequencies reflected by elevated heart rate. Because of that, the Wi-Fi raises the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Neutralizes Sperm

Exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies lowers sperm movement and causes DNA fragmentation. The Wi-Fi can affect fertility or raise the risk of abnormal pregnancy.

Elevates the Risk of Cancer

Continuous exposure to electromagnetic radiation raises the chances of developing some kind of tumor.

Takes part in the Development of Insomnia

Wi-Fi greatly impacts the sleep quality. People exposed to electromagnetic radiation need substantially more time to fall asleep. So, if you have issues with falling asleep, have disturbed sleeping pattern, it may be as a result of the low-frequency modulation from cell phones and Wi-Fi. Proper sleeping is an essence for good health, therefore make sure to offer the body the amount of sleep it needs.

Protect Yourself from Wi-Fi Radiation 

There are ways how to protect yourself and the young ones from the emitted radiation of the Wi-Fi, and here they are:

  • Disconnect all Wi-Fi devices before going to bed.
  • Do not put a wireless router in your kitchen or bedroom.
  • Avoid the use of wireless baby monitors, because they all operate on microwave frequency.
  • Do not keep the phone in your pocket.
  • Text more on the phone than talking.
  • Utilize wired phones in your home in order to lower electromagnetic radiation.
  • Keep your phone at the other end of the room, or on the seat of the car.
  • If you are expecting, do not keep your phone near the stomach.