Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer That is Slowly Kills Us + Tips to Protect Yourself from Wi-Fi “Radiation”

We are living in an era when every house has Wi-Fi and in a way we have become addicted to it. But, no matter how much we need it you need to be aware that there are beliefs that it is harmful for your health, and most importantly for the health of your children. It can trigger many concerns starting from sleep quality to brain health issues.

Potential Threats of Wi-Fi Exposure

  • Triggers Cardiac Stress

Wi-Fi frequencies can provoke many physical changes or issues due to their frequent exposure. Excessive exposure to Wi-Fi can lead to the occurrence of elevated heart rate thus eventually leading to the occurrence of some cardiovascular disease.

  • Disturbs Brain Function

The function of our brain and the concentration can be influenced by the Wi-Fi frequencies, which will result in memory loss or having difficulties to remember things. Excessive exposure to Wi-Fi will also cause loss of concentration over simple things.

  • Higher Cancer Risk

Tumors can be easily developed if you are persistently exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

  • Children’s Healthy Growth Can Be Impeded

Wi-Fi emits non-thermal radio frequencies which can harm the normal cellular development and lead to fatal consequences. In this way the childhood of our children and their growing tissues can be seriously affected by these radiation waves. The risk is higher for the developmental issues because they are more vulnerable to these harmful effects than the average ones.

  • Affects the Sperm

Excessive exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies influences the movement of the sperm making it very slow which may cause DNA fragmentation. This condition of the sperm can contribute to the raised percentage of the abnormal pregnancy and lack of fertility.

  • It Causes Insomnia

Too many cell phones and Wi-Fi cause low-frequency modulations during the nighttime thus resulting in not getting enough sleep or having problems to easily fall asleep. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation or fields will make you problems with falling asleep.

Even though most of us are aware of the negative influence of the Wi-Fi frequencies, not many of us take certain precautions to at least reduce its influence. There are many ways how you can protect yourself from this radiation. Follow reading, and find out which are those methods.

Methods to Protect Your Body from Wi-Fi “Radiation”

  • Instead of talking, start texting more
  • Keep your phone far away from you, on the other seat of the car, or on the other side of the room
  • Avoid carrying your cell phone in your pockets
  • Do not put your wireless router in the kitchen or in the bedroom
  • Old wired phones cause less radiation, therefore used them while you are at home
  • Before going to bed, disconnect all gadgets that use Wi-Fi
  • If you are pregnant do not keep the phone near your belly
  • Avoid the use of baby monitors since they cause microwave frequencies