You Will No Longer Need Glasses: Thousands of People Have Improved Their Vision Using This Unique Method

Each body muscle can weaken if it is not used regularly; because of that regular exercise is a must if you want to avoid the occurrence of any health issue. Therefore, maintain them toned, active and in shape.

This same thing applies for eye muscles which surround the lens, they can also weaken meaning that if you already wear glasses, and you do not perform eyes exercise, the eyesight will substantially worsen.

Effective Eye Exercise

Focus on a certain picture or an item for some period of time and try to think about all its features and aspects paying specific attention to every single detail and feeling you experience in that period of time in order for the mind to stay focused on the object.

Thanks to this exercise you will improve the vision, but you have to hold as much as possible before you catch sight of another object.

This technique is based on the traditional Indian technique called Trataka being a practice of observing an external object. This is a method of meditation that involves focusing on a single point to strengthen the eyes, for instance like a black dot or a candle flame.

Additionally, we will introduce some really effective ways to improve your vision:

  • Avoid sitting in front of a computer for at least 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Once you are outside try to look at a distant place.
  • Consume carrot juice with a few drops of olive oil on daily basis.
  • Do not use your glasses.
  • Massage the eye area on regular basis.
  • Wash your eyes with lukewarm water.
  • Close your eyes for a couple of minutes every 2-3 hours and do not tighten them.
  • Perform this eye gymnastics which is consisted of 16 exercises.
  • Press your eyeballs slightly and gently with the index and middle fingers at the same time. Likewise, press the eyeball with index finger two times.


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