Wine Kills Germs that Cause Sore Throats and Dental Plaque, Says Awesome Study

A glass of wine is a favorite beverage for many people, but not many have known the fact that it shows potent antibacterial properties. This was found out by a group of researchers conducting a study revealing the potency of wine. It seems that wine is a great disinfectant for the mouth protecting it from germs.

The above mentioned study was carried out in 1988 focusing on the antibacterial properties of carbonated drinks like skim milk, beer, wine, and water. Each sample of these drinks was infested with bacteria like salmonella, E. coli, and shigella.

After the analyses it was revealed that only wine did not have in its content any live bacteria. Bacteria could not survive in the wine thus being a powerful disinfectant.

The amazing antibacterial properties of wine have been analyzed by another study and the findings were that wine can battle against the germs in the mouth that can trigger sore throat or dental plaques.

This was furthermore explained by a released study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry where experts clarified that the alcohol and the acidity concentrations in wine do not cause antibacterial properties of the wine. The antibacterial effect comes from the count of organic compounds that both red and white wines contain.

The scientific explanation is that the compounds like and succinic acid neutralize the bacteria. It was concluded that wine can destroy 99% of dental germs and bacteria. According to the conclusion of the scientists, “Exposure to wine had a persistent antibacterial effect.”

In 1998, the red wine was tested on the effects of salmonella and when compared with white wine, the red wine killed bacteria faster than the white wine. The alcohol wasn’t the primary disinfectant, but in fact the acidity.

Hence, if you experience a sore throat, drink a glass of wine instead.