Woman Adopts Sad Pit Bull from Shelter, and He’s So Grateful He Can’t Stop Hugging Her

Whenever we need a companion in life it seems that having a dog would be a great opportunity for us. This canine specie has always been the man’s best friend willing to sacrifice his life for the well-being of its owner. Dogs are loyal, loving, true friends that jump from joy when they see us at the doorstep bringing us great fulfillment.

Yet, we do not always appreciate this great devotion from their side, and many of them finish in the shelters. There are many unconscientious owners who take them as puppies and when taking care of them becomes a bother they abandon their pets which is very cruel. In the shelters these dogs wait to be adopted and if that is not the case they are being euthanized. Namely, in the states more than 1,800 shelter dogs are euthanized every day.

Luckily, there are people out there who care a lot about the dogs in the shelters and adopt them thus saving them from sure death. One of them is the 20-year old college student and volunteer at ACCT Philly, Kayla Filoon, who wanted to have a dog in her life and chose to adopt one.

She went to the shelter and found a homeless pit bull puppy. Once she saw him sitting there, not making any noise and looking at her with those sad, puppy eyes, she knew that he is the pet for her. She named him Russ, but Russ was not very appealing when Kayla first saw him. He was in bad shape with missing fur on his tail and ears and was very skinny, but, nonetheless, Kayla knew that he would be her perfect companion and she took him from the shelter.

Their first day was a trial period to see that they would fit together; she took him out and went for a car ride. She was driving and her brown-and-white pit bull was sitting in the passenger seat like a little gentleman. She treated him with some chicken nuggets, and looking at him she decided that she will take him with her the same day.

Kayla was living with other six housemates, but once Russ entered their home they all loved him. In the beginning Russ needed some accustoming to the new environment and was still weak from his kennel cough so he slept a lot. Once, he got little bit better he started to follow Kayla around the house. This was normal routine and when Kayla sat to do her homework, Russ jumped up to her so that he could cuddle.

This amazing moment for both of them was captured on camera where you can see Russ joyfully snuggling up to her. This photo was posted on social media, and it immediately became viral. It is a great photo showing gratitude, love, and joy. Kayala is so pleased with him and enjoys every moment spent together.

And THIS right here people is why you should adopt!!! My niece and her newly adopted ACCT Philly dog of less than 2…

Posted by Jamie Holt on Monday, February 6, 2017

This is an amazing story of a rescue of a white-brown pit bull waiting lonely in the shelter to get adopted. If you love animals and want to keep a dog opt for the one eagerly waiting for you in your local shelter. If you cannot keep one you can still help by volunteering or donating some money. There is also a possibility for being a foster parent to a dog or a cat until it gets adopted from some nice people.