Woman Loses Engagement Ring in Garden Finds It 13 Years Later

Life is really amazing, filled with some incidents that make us wonder if they are destiny or just pure coincidences. Nonetheless, those incidents make our lives richer with incredible experiences. Follow reading and find out about the amazing story of a lost engagement ring.

Colleen Daly was preparing dinner for her family, but she needed ingredients for the salad and she went to the garden to pick some carrots. This garden belonged to her family for over a century, namely her husband grew up there, and his mother also picked up ingredients for salad from the same place. What Colleen surprised her that day was the appearance of a strange carrot among the other vegetables. She went to check and when she came near the carrot she noticed a golden ring around that particular carrot.

She immediately went to show it to her husband, and he knew exactly to whom it belonged to. It was his mother’s engagement ring that she lost in 2004. Mary Grams, his mom, wore this ring since 1951, but she lost it while weeding in the garden. But, she did not tell anyone, except to her son. This ring was given to her by her husband Norman before they got married. She did not want to make an issue about it so she bought another smaller ring and wore it all the time believing that the story with the ring is over.

After 13 years later, Mary and Norman’ s son moved to the family home since it was left by them long years ago. Norman died 6 years ago after they have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. You can just imagine how pleased was Mary when she found out that her daughter-in-law found the ring. However, this time she plans to keep it really carefully as that was a precious gift from her late husband.

Life can be really strange, and sometimes the strangest things can happen. It seems that what is meant for you will never really get away from you. In most cases when something is lost the chances for restoring your belongings are really slim, but not in the case of Mary. Luck was on Mary’s side and she may have found it in the time when she most needed thus being able to cherish all the lovely memories she had with her loving husband.

The amazing thing is that it still fits Mary’s finger, so she can still wear it.