THIS Woman Made Breakfast for Their Children and Kills Them By a Mistake We All Make! Share This With Everyone You Know!

In our neighboring country, Mexico, mothers cook for their children, they do not use canned foods. Despite the good will and the good intention sometimes things can go so wrong which is confirmed by this unfortunate Mexican mother.

The name of this lady is Josefina; she is a mother of two who has risen up early in the morning to prepare healthy and nutritious breakfast for her precious children. Her children’s names are Agustin 8 years old and Marina 6 years old. She went to the market, bought the necessary ingredients and prepared some eggs and ham tortillas with fresh orange juice.

Her children woke up and they went to the bathroom to wash up and have clean hands to consume their breakfast, this was a strict rule of their mother also used by their grandmother. Josefina was preparing the dining table when her daughter Maria came down and said:

“Mama, Agustin hasn’t come out yet and I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Agustin” said Josefina, “quit playing in the bath and come out!”Agustin left the bathroom and his sister came in. Meanwhile Josefina was texting with her husband. She was using the phone also while she was preparing the breakfast, texting back and forth with her husband. When the children were prepared and ready for school, they sat on the table and had their breakfast. She walked them to school and they arrived on time.

However, just after two hours Josefina received shocking news from the school, her children were on the way to the hospital.

She couldn’t believe the text that she was reading, she froze and panicked. She was questioning herself what could have happened when just couple of hours before they were fine and healthy. She called her husband and both of them went to the hospital. When they arrived the doctors informed them that their children were at bad shape, they had fever which the medical personnel couldn’t handle well, and the fever was a result of the bacterium known as salmonella. This bacterium is present in many foods, and it was damaging the children’s organs. Josefina was shocked and couldn’t believe what was happening how this could happen to her children. She lost her conscious and had to be sedated meanwhile her husband was praying for her the health of his family.

The doctors performed some tests and it was discovered that the reason for this bacterium was the consumed breakfast. Further on, they found out that while serving breakfast Josefina was using the phone which may have been the reason for salmonella poisoning. Namely, all our phones are coated in hundreds of bacteria which can end up on our food thus causing fatal consequences.

Josefina was broken and devastated finding out this fact which put her children in such bad condition. This is a real nightmare for any parent; she was sitting by their bed side and was praying for forgiveness and for the health of her children. Suddenly, Maria’s hand opened and Josefina heard the flatline sound on the machine, and instantly after Agustin flat line was heard as well. Josefina was crushed and at the same time bewildered not being able to comprehend how this could happen. She lost her own children so quickly and only because she used her phone during breakfast time. The doctors did their best, but couldn’t save the children.

Josefina decided to go public with her story so that she can warn other parents to be extremely careful when they are using their phones as this can bring tragic consequences. Therefore, never use the phone while you’re preparing food, it can lead to numerous infections which may give fatal outcome.