Women Are Rocking Extra Long Toe Nails This Summer and It Looks Gorgeous

Good manicure and pedicure has always been a staple accessory to good looks. No use of you wearing the perfect clothes if your fingernails and toenails are not good-looking as well. This particularly refers to the female gender that pays an extra attention on the way how they look.

In the past decade or so, many designs and patterns have been developed to enhance the look of nails. The long and acrylic nails have been a trend for so many years, but people have become more open to picking different nail colors and free to experiment with the shape and length of the nails.

Aside the fingernails, toenails are also properly taken care of, and during summer there is always some new invention. It seems that this summer the most fashionable ones would be sharp and long toenails. This new trend changes the perspective of how a toenail should look like. Nonetheless, they can be fabulous whatever style you choose on, some may opt for very long but delicate, and some for wild and unusual.

However, one problem should be considered when having extra-long toenails and that is footwear. If you like flip-flops and live on the beach, then you can adopt this style, but if you are in the city long toe nails will for sure be a problem for your shoes.