Most Women Miss These 3 Early Signs of Cervical Cancer!

Did you know that cervical cancer and pre-cancer doesn’t show any symptoms? Most of the women are not aware of this fact, and we agree it is scary. The first symptoms can be noticed after the cancer has developed enough and becomes serious.

Usually women notice the symptoms once the cancer grows into tissues that are nearby. Due to this it is really important to do the PAP screenings regularly in order to detect it early and give time for treatment. Also this test can help you find other reproductive cancer such as ovarian cancer.

The test is used for determination of abnormal cells in the cervix and if it is positive the doctors will have treat it on time.

Nevertheless, there are some signs of cervical cancer that still might be noticed if you know about them. We are going to present to you some of those signs:

Bleeding irregular

If you notice that you are bleeding irregular you should know it might be a sign of cervical cancer. This bleeding usually occurs between your periods or after sex. In most of the cases it occurs as a slight blood streaked discharge.

Another sign is when your menstrual bleeding lasts longer and heavier. Women that are in menopause and experience bleeding they should know it is a sign of cervical cancer or other related issues.

Vaginal discharge out of ordinary

Women can experience different types of vaginal discharge which can be an early sign of cervical cancer. If you experience continuous discharge such as the following you should it could be a sign for cancer:

  1. Brown
    2. Pale
    3. Tinged with blood
    5. Foul-smelling

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is another warning sign that you might have cervical cancer. This pain usually is felt during the intercourse and it might suggest that there is abnormal change in the cervix. You should also know that cervical cancer can spread to the pelvis as well.

These are the signs of later/advanced stages of cervical cancer:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Problems with going to bathroom and obstruction
  3. Swelling in the legs
  4. Fatigue
  5. Pelvic or back pain

Here is what can put you at risk of developing cervical cancer:

It is important to know that once you notice the first signs you should immediately visit your doctor in order to prevent spread of the cancer. The factors that increase the risk of developing this cancer are the following:

  1. First sex at young age
  2. Changing too many partners
  3. Having sex with person whose partner has cervical cancer
  4. Smoking
  5. Low immune system
  6. Consumption of diethylstilbestrol while your mother was pregnant

The American Cancer Society stated that these signs and symptoms could be also caused by other conditions such as infections that might result with pain and bleeding.

In case you notice any symptoms mentioned above you should immediately visit your doctor. Even if it might be infection you should treat it as soon as possible in order to avoid serious health complications. Also it is highly recommended to do the Pap test regularly in order to detect cancerous cells in time.

Here is a video which can give you more details about early signs of cervical cancer:

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