Wrap Your Feet in Few Layers of Aluminum Foil. 1 Hour Later? Incredible

We all have aluminum foil at our home, but in fact we never thought of using it on our body. A part from the fact that you can use this aluminum foils for cooking; you can also use it for amazing health solutions. This article will present to you some of the health benefits you may have if you use aluminum foil. Here is how you should use it:

  1. Fatigue

You may use aluminum foil to get rid of fatigue. The usage of it for treating fatigue is already something that doctors recommend as well.

In order to use it for this purpose, first you need to freeze few aluminum foil strips (you should leave it for at least 2-4 hours, depending on the freezer). Afterwards use these strips and place them on your face, and leave them until you start feeling that your muscles are completely relaxed. Once you remove them from your face, you will notice improvement and you won’t feel tiredness or insomnia.

  1. Pain in the joints

If you are suffering from arthritis, sciatica, gout or heel pain you should definitely use aluminum foil in order to treat these problems. You should use the foil to cover the painful area of your body. Use medical bandage in order to keep it in place, and leave it overnight. In the morning you remove it completely. Consider repeating this for at least 10-12 days, and then rest for two weeks. In case you don’t manage to get rid of the pain, feel free to break the routine and use it until it goes away.

  1. Burns

If you have fresh burns you should use aluminum in order to overcome the problem. We know it might be obscure to use aluminum foil for such treatment, but in fact it is proven by physicians from the University of Wisconsin who used it for treating fresh burns. The results have amazed them.

First you need to wash the area with cold water and dry it completely. Next you need to use thin layer of burn ointment and sterilized gauze on top of it. Use aluminum foil to wrap the gauze and use medical plaster to make sure it stays in place. Keep the wrap until you notice that the pain is gone.

  1. Pains

If you are constantly experiencing phantom pain due to surgery or anything else, and the pain is irresistible, you should consider using aluminum foil in order to get rid of this pain. Use aluminum foil to wrap the area from where the pain is coming from and make sure you keep it in place with medical bandage. Once you notice that the pain is gone, remove the wrap.

  1. Pesky cold

Aluminum foil is great for removing pesky cold, and it is one of the methods that do not require prescription drugs such as antibiotics. In order to treat cold or flu you should wrap your feet with 5-7 layers of aluminum foil and leave it for at least 1 hour. Afterwards remove it completely and leave your feet breath for two hours two and apply again the foil on your feet. You should repeat this method for at least seven days or until you start feeling better.

Aside from the fact that you may use aluminum foil for health reasons, you can also use it to create great curls. Watch this video to find out how to use aluminum foil for curls: