Wrapped Ginger – Removes Mucus From the Lungs and Treats Bad Cough in One Night!

Have you been annoyed by sneezing and coughing and not being able to get rid of it? Have your daily plans, or weekend plans being ruined by this? There is a way how to escape from this miserable feeling naturally.

Sometimes having a bad cough might leave you without sleep, and this is especially a problem for children since their immune system is weaker than adults.

Most of the people when having a cough go to their doctor and most of the time they receive a prescribed cough syrup. But what is most important is that doctors forget to let you know about all side effects and complications these pharmaceutical medicine can cause.

Some of the side effects of using cough syrup medicine is headache, migraine or even sleeplessness that occur during the therapy. Cough syrup is made of dextromethorphan and codeine ingredients that are proven to cause the above stated.

It is better to consider using natural ingredients such as raw honey or something that contains potent ingredients which are better compared to pharmaceutical medicines.

If you have bad cough you should consider using a combination of ginger wrap and raw honey which will stop your cough immediately.

These are the instructions and ingredients for preparation:


  1. 1 spoon of ginger (fresh or powder)
  2. 1 spoon raw honey
  3. 1 spoon olive oil
  4. 1 spoon flour
  5. Adhesive tape and gauze

Instructions for preparation.

  1. Mix the honey with flour until you get perfect combination
  2. Add olive oil and ginger an mix thoroughly
  3. Place the mixture on a napkin and carefully wrap a gauze around it
  4. By using an adhesive tape fix it on your back or chest

When using this natural ingredient for children, you should hold the wrap no more than three hours before going to bed. For adults it can be used overnight.

This Natural remedy has no side effects, even though you should consider it might warm you up more than usual and might sweat you.


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