Wrapped Ginger – Treats Bad Cough and Removes Mucus From the Lungs in Just One Night, Especially Good For Kids! Recipes for Every Occasion

Coughing and colds are not always safe, but what is more irritating is the fact that you might cough and sneeze endlessly. Coughing is causing you to lose concentration as well as it irritates people around you.

Besides the fact that coughing could be unpleasant it can be handled throughout the entire day. The problem arises during the night when it might even cause you headache and it might leave you without sleep, especially your partner and kids. Coughs can actually contaminate your children because they have weak immune system.

Using cough syrup actually acts in a way they suppress the pathway of signals in the brain which are responsible for setting of coughing. Most of the syrups contain codeine and dextromethorphan. These compounds actually help you fall asleep, but what’s worse is the fact they cause side-effects such as headaches, increased heart rate and drowsiness. It is better to try natural homemade remedies instead of using these syrups which contain harmful compounds.

Ginger honey wraps

Honey is the best natural remedy which can be used for different health conditions. It is best to be used against cold due to the ability to remove mucous from your lungs. You can use it as much as you want, and you can also give it to your children.

Preparing the ginger honey wrap is actually really simple and will not take too much time to prepare it.

Here is what you need:

  1. Honey
  2. Napkin
  3. Gauze
  4. Flour
  5. Coconut oil
  6. Bandage


Mix the flour and the honey until you get homogenous mixture. Add a bit of coconut oil and fresh ginger juice. Re-roll the honey mix again in the flour. The mixture you got should be placed on a napkin and covered with gauze. This wrap you can place it on your chests or back, but make sure that you secure it with bandage in order to stay in place. Feel free to go to sleep and leave it overnight.

If you use this method for treatment of your children you should keep the wrap for 2-3 hours before they go to bed.

You should know that this treatment can cause excessive sweating. This treatment also does not cause any side-effects, but be careful when you use it for your children because they have soft and mild skin.

Rachel Lim from Singapore used this treatment for her kids and she shared her experience on Facebook. Here is what she wrote:

”Generally about 2-3hrs in his sleep [her child], he would start to cough profusely and whimper. Last night I put foil on him, keeping it for 4 hours, and did not hear anything from him, no nasal blockage, no phlegm, not a sound! Throughout the night, not a single cough from him.“

Ginger has also extreme amount of nutrients which helps treat coughs. Also it is traditionally used for easing sore throats, as well as congestion of the chests.