You Can Now Actually Get Paid to Stalk Someone on Social Media

The digital era has brought to us social media that we use vastly and for all sorts of purposes starting from personal life up to a professional one. However, all these pages have incited the curiosity in us checking on other people without them even knowing about it. Yes, it is in some way stalking snooping in someone else’s life. Some people do this being careful not to get caught but others do not even care about it.

You can find almost anything you want to know on social media if you just know the name of the person, a simple first name or a random hashtag, and in 5 minutes you have all sorts of information, the favorite food of the person, the band it listens, political opinions, and most importantly the current relationship status. The latter one is probably the main reason why people are snooping on social media, especially if they are blind dating.

Well, it seems that this random snooping might become a profession and you can even become a social media stalking expert.

A Paid Social Media Stalking Expert

Yes, it is true; you can make out of this a profession if you are good at it. People have become dependent on checking their exes, online dating and keeping tabs on other people. But, most of them do not want to get exposed and for that they are willing to pay a professional to do the job for them. It is simple, people can’t help but want to vet someone they meet online, and the best thing is for them a professional to do the job more like hiring a private investigator.

In this case there is no physical stalking of the subject, but a virtual one gathering valuable information for the person who you are interested in.

The First Paid Social Media Stalking Expert

The idea for such profession came from the 46-year-old Andy Bartram who created an agency for such purposes. Andy works as a professional intelligence analyst and because of that he is perfect for the job. He needs only few details of the designated person and does the whole job for you without you being personally exposed. In this way you are sure with whom you will have a date that particular night. Andy has never used dating apps as he is married for 14 years and met his wife in the “old fashioned way” at a pub, but he understand the need of other people to know certain facts about the people they date especially if it is frequent dating with different people. Andy uses his knowledge of criminal intelligence to vet your date.

This inspiration for opening such agency Andy got it from the popular MTV show Catfish and considered that it would be a good idea for the stalking to be done by a professional not by the actual person of interest. He called his service Vet Your Date, and for that he charges £20. In order to do that he gathers all the necessary information and reports back to the client. However, if he cannot find anything about this person, he may not charge the full £20. He is also interested in offering a monthly subscription to his clients as that would be cheaper for those ones who are always meeting new people. 

Andy comments about his new profession:

I have done those kinds of searches as an intelligence analyst, and while I was watching Catfish on MTV I thought it could potentially be a good idea to do something similar. Anybody could do it, but in the same way as needing your boiler fixed, you would get a professional in because of safety. I have spent several years as a criminal intelligence analyst and I have had police training. That gives me the power to interrogate web pages to get results back.

There are many false profiles and scammers and Andy’s agency protects people from such profiles. 

Andy adds:

I have used the techniques they use to catch the catfish, where they take what is publicly available on the internet and get more information about it. We live in a new ‘swipe left swipe right’ culture where people don’t necessarily know who they are meeting or who they are talking to and others exploit that. Online dating has come a long way but you don’t get to see that body language and those instincts when you meet in person.”

Avoid Finsta – Fake Insatgram 

You may consider using Finsta account as most celebrities and other people claim to have them. This fake account allows them to do all sorts of things which they would never do on their real accounts. No one ever reveals their finsta name, but it is still risky. If you send likes with your finsta account or follow the page of the person you are interested in, he or she will receive notification that someone is following them. The risk of finding out that you were behind that will blow off your chances completely. They will lose interest and trust in you and never want to see you again.

Plus, if you do the stalking by yourself you might lost yourself and go down the rabbit hole searching for things you shouldn’t be searching for. A professional would do a clean job for you without being compromised.

Why people snoop on social media?

Almost every person likes snooping a little on social media. We do it all the time as according to the scientific explanation snooping fills some of our social needs. According to a conducted 2014 study on social media voyeurism monitoring other people on social media allows people to “learn from others by watching them without giving anything out in return.” 

The human being is so curios, and in that way we have invented so many things nowadays, but never forget the saying “curiosity killed the cat”. Yet, people experience such satisfaction when snooping that the chances of being stopped are almost none.

Nonetheless, you should know when it is enough, do it for a few minutes during the day, and afterwards stop it as sometimes the satisfaction of checking someone else’s life can bring disappointment and even lead to depression. People may think that those pictures are real and that somehow their life might be a failure, but nothing is real until you see it in flesh with your own eyes. But, if you are good at snooping, you can make it a profession.