You Can Now Get Giant Shoe Beds for Dogs that Love Slippers

If you have a pet that is either a dog or cat, then for sure you have many shoes and slippers destroyed by them. They are simply irresistible for them, but what makes these items so attractive for pets?

Well, there isn’t still some plausible explanation for that perhaps it is the way how they show their attachment to you. However, you also love your footwear and want to have it intact when you come from work like for instance your favorite slippers. We have a solution for you, follow reading and find out what is it?

Your pet can have its own shoes to sleep in and many companies have already manufactured them.

They are giant slippers having the shape of Crocs where dogs can easily fit in them. They come in pink, beige or yellow color and are available on Amazon UK. Believe it or not, the color determines the price, the yellow ones are at a price of $59.79, the pink at $70.27 and the beige will cost you $249.73. No matter of the price these slipper-beds are very popular according to Amazon reviews.

Not only that they look adorable but they are as well as practical and resistant to odors. They have a non-skid base so that the fabric does not slide around, and the fleece liner can be removed when it needs to be washed.

Not only dogs and cats can use it but according one of the users his tortoise loves it, too. Every pet-owner can use this little shoe-bed and it will be a great attraction for every guest in your home.

Users report that it is very cute and fun product for their pets. If you intend to pamper your pet, then for sure purchase this shoe-bed for it, it will love it for sure.

Treat your pet with this one of a kind bed and we recommend you to do it before wintertime so that your slippers will finally get free for your own personal use.