Young Woman Makes a Simple Mistake in the Kitchen and the Entire Family Dies Afterwards!

Most probably you would agree that potatoes are extremely tasty, and it could be prepared in different ways. In fact this delicious veggie could be also unhealthy, and in worst case scenario it could be lethal.

In case you have potatoes at your home for long period of time it is highly recommended that you throw them away. If you are wondering why you should do so, continue reading this article.

Maria Chelysheva, aged 8, from Russia is orphan due to potatoes that have been sitting around the house and have rotted. Her dad actually went to the basement to take the potatoes, but sadly he never returned. Afterwards, same happened to her mom, brother, and grandmother. They all went downstairs in the basement and never returned.

Actually Maria’s grandmother asked her neighbors to help her, but she couldn’t wait and decided to go downstairs on her own. Thankfully Maria didn’t decide to go to the basement otherwise it could have happened to her as well.

Potatoes actually contain chemical compound called glycoalkaloid, which is often discovered in the toxic nightshade plants. As you can see potatoes are actually naturally toxic, and you don’t have to eat them in order to get contaminated but rather you could only breathe in the chemicals and have devastating results.

The level of glycoalkaloidsin in potatoes increase as they rot, and this is the time when they start to discharge poisonous gas. This was the main reason why Maria’s family was dead, the autopsy found that the bodies have been breathing this lethal gas which caused the dead.

Maria was also in danger because her mom actually left the door open so the poisonous gas spread a little around the house.

In fact this is very sad story, but the reason why we are presenting it to you is to warn you about the risk of rotten potatoes. If you notice that the potatoes are going bad you should immediately throw them away.

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