You’ve Been Throwing Away Avocado Seeds Because You Didn’t Know That They Fight Cancer and Regulate Thyroid Disorder!

Most of you have eaten avocados and it may be one of your favorite fruit, but it is not well-known fact that the healthiest parts of avocados are actually their seeds.

Surprisingly enough, these seeds contain the highest antioxidant levels than most other fruits and vegetables. Avocados are packed with antioxidants, but the highest concentration 70% of the mare found in avocados seeds.

This fruit is rich in healthy monosaturated fats that support the health of the heart. Avocado seeds are abundant with amino acids which can help you to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Likewise, they have the ability to lower cholesterol levels, ease inflammation, and soothe swellings that occurred in the gastrointestinal tract.

Thanks to the consumption of theses seeds your immunity will be boosted.

Furthermore, avocados are high in flavonol which efficiently prevents common colds and flu. This fruit contains high levels of catechins and procyanidins, which are strong anti-inflammatories that can relieve joint pain, treat swellings, and lower stiffness.

The highest peak of their properties is the ability to fight off cancer due to potent anti-cancer properties. Namely, the journal Cancer Research released a study which revealed that the avocado seed extract has in its content a powerful compound called avocatin B, which has the ability to prevent acute myeloid leukemia cells.

Additionally, avocado seeds are very good if you want to lose those unwanted pounds.

Other Health Benefits of Avocado Seeds

  • Regulate thyroid disorder
  • Prevent tumor development
  • Heal blemishes
  • Prevent epilepsy
  • When applied topically relaxes the muscles
  • Support the formation of collagen
  • Treating diarrhea
  • Treat fatigue

Thanks to the consumption of avocado seeds, your overall health will be boosted in multiple ways. You may consider that their consumption is impossible, but watch the video below and see how to prepare them so that you can acquire all their healthy qualities.


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